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  • One of the hardest substances in the world

  • Resistant to heat/cold, abrasions, scratches, and almost all chemicals commonly found in the home

  • Virtually maintenance-free with simple proper care

  • Recommend sealing upon installation and every year thereafter

  • Looks and feels permanent and substantial

  • Lasts a lifetime




  • Classic, elegant, upscale aesthetic

  • Available in a wide variety of colors

  • Heat-resistant

  • Can fairly easily scratch, etch, or stain if not properly cared for

  • Recommend sealing after installation and every year thereafter

  • Use only pH-neutral and non-abrasive cleaning products

  • Minimize exposure to acidic solutions including lemon juice, tomatoes, or vinegar





  • Heat and scratch-resistant, super durable with simple, proper care and cleaning

  • Looks and feels permanent and substantial

  • Lasts a lifetime

  • Virtually maintenance-free

  • Harder than granite

  • Chemical-resistant



By following the simple steps below, your stone will maintain its original beauty for many years to come.

Clean up spills immediately.
Use an absorbent cloth followed by natural stone cleaner.

Use trivets and cutting boards.
Although natural stones are heat resistant it is ideal to protect your countertops from excessive heat and wear by placing hot pots on a trivet, not directly on the stone. Protect your fine cutlery by using a cutting board, not cutting directly on the stone.

Use coasters and placemats.
Your natural stone countertop is an investment in your home. Like fine furniture, it is to be treated with care. Protecting the stone countertop from food and drink spills will maintain the brand-new appearance indefinitely.

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